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How to Stop Negative Thoughts from Holding You Back (w/Psychotherapist Blaine Lawson)

Do you have a constant inner-critic? Are you tired of believing the toxic nonsense it spews on a daily basis? If you feel these thoughts are holding you back, you should know there are strategies to conquer what is often called negative self-talk. In this episode we dig into it with Blaine Lawson. She’s has spent decades dedicated to mental health and wellness as a Psychotherapist and a Behavioral Health Practice Manager.

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psychotherapist Blaine Lawson

Blaine will walk us through how to change our relationship with our thought life and break the cycle of negative thinking. We’ll learn to challenge the destructive thoughts that are plaguing us and put an end to the broken record.

Many times it’s the same old tired insults that we hurl at ourselves, yet we can damage our confidence and create anxiety every time we think them. Always remember that we don't have to own them as truth. In this episode, Blaine gives us some exercises that she’s used with her patients that have been quite successful.

Let’s reframe our thinking to something more positive, constructive and kind. Click play and start your way down the path to a fresh mindset.





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