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The Power to Change is Within You

Is there something whether big or small in your life you'd like to change? Something you've tried and failed over and over. Well, it's kind of like Glinda told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz about getting home to Kansas: you've had the power within you all along! If you remember, though, Dorothy had to learn something to access the power of her ruby slippers. In her case it was that “there’s no place like home.” Our goals and the actions we need to take to achieve them are most likely quite different, but maybe we can think of the “Yellow Brick Road” as the brain/body connection that enables us to tap into the power within. It could be power to change habits, lose weight, get organized, find time for prayer/meditation, save money or any number of things.

We learned about tapping into this power when we interviewed Erin Tennant who lost more than 130 pounds after years of trying just about everything else. In the episode “Failing Her Way to Weight Loss Success: How Erin Tennant Did It,” she explained how she had to do some serious thinking about her prior failed efforts. After all, she had other things she was able to achieve, why not losing weight and keeping it off? Her conscious living method was born and adapted though what she called trial and correction (instead of trial and error). The brain/body connection plays a big role as does mindset and self-talk. The most important thing is that you have all that you need to succeed within.

In this episode, we jump in and use her methods for issues where we needed help. Like Erin, they include health, but we also were able to move the needle on some other situations plaguing us. We’ll share what worked and what didn’t and give tips on how you can tap into your own superpower. If you’ve got a change you’d like to make, click play -- and we’ll try to help you get on your way down the Yellow Brick Road and to victory.


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