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Meet Lanée and Sandy

Lanée Blaise

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Always eager to engage an audience, I got my first taste of public speaking in the first grade, and I. Just. Never. Stopped. Talking! Only now, I use all of my talking and topics and talents to encourage and inspire others. Using my Voice is definitely my thing, but life is best when everyone finally discovers their own thing, and Imagine Yourself was created to do just that!  


As the oldest of 6 sisters (and one lone brother), I’m intrigued by anything that can make women’s lives more fulfilling. Family, friendships and God have been my personal source of fulfillment no matter where I go in life. Originally a Midwest, Ohio girl, I’ve also lived down south in Virginia and Florida, only to move back up to Michigan where I’ve been a happy wife, mother of two, sister of many, daughter, niece, cousin, friend, and devoted Bible study group leader for the past 20 years.


Never one to pass up an opportunity to tell a good story, my professional years have been exciting as a television writer, radio on-air host, keynote speaker, voice-over talent, and finally a podcaster. Come along on the ride with Sandy and me as we TALK about anything and everything that can help make your life more lively! Check out her Motivational Speaking website HERE

Sandy Kovach

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Sandy has spent almost all of her adult life in front of a microphone. In fact, you've probably heard her voice somewhere on radio, TV, online, or even on-hold, shopping or pumping gas. A local and syndicated radio host and voice actress, Sandy is noted for her down-to-earth style. With this podcast, she hopes to use her voice to encourage women in all aspects of life. 


Sandy knows the challenges of balancing career and family, not to mention so many of the other issues we face. Whether talking work, mom-life, faith, relationships, healthy living...or just whatever life throws at us on a daily basis, she's excited to team up with Lanee to help us all imagine ourselves conquering things big and small!

Visit her voiceover, audio production and radio website HERE



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