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Failing Her Way to Weight Loss Success: How Erin Tennant Did It

We love a good success story, especially when someone finally achieves a goal after years of defeat. For those trying to lose weight or just get healthier, Erin’s story will especially resonate. Her loss of a whopping 130 pounds was preceded by countless diet attempts with calorie or entire food-group restrictions. These would either not work for her or she would gain the weight right back. She calls herself a “recovering dieter” who finally found a path to success by figuring out what had and and hadn't worked in the past, by talking herself through things and with trial and error…or as she would say “trial and correction.”

Erin Tennant is a Mindset Coach & Consultant for Personal and Professional Wellness. Her company is called “Grow Well Coaching.” She now works with clients not only with weight loss but also achieving other goals though her “conscious living” method. In this podcast, though, we focused mostly on her weight loss journey and how she accomplished something she once thought to be impossible. As she put it, she was able to find success in so many other parts of her life, but weight loss had always escaped her.

As well as some of the specific tips and tricks that worked for Erin, we talk about understanding our relationship with food, the difference between hunger and emotional eating (Erin says both can be OK!), finding the motivation within yourself and most importantly giving yourself the grace and space to fail and try again as many times as you need to.

There will be no body-shaming in this episode. Erin is quick to point out that there are plenty of people who live in bigger bodies who are healthy and happy. But if you want to lose a little weight or a lot…or just want to find out how her methods could help with any anything that makes you feel stuck, click play and be inspired by Erin.




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