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The Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions (and How to Tackle Them)

It’s true that we can make changes any time of the year. There’s nothing magical about the coming of a new year that will help good habits stick or bad habits disappear. However, it is a time that many of us commit to these “resolutions.” Maybe there’s something about a fresh calendar year that inspires us to believe these previously illusive changes are now possible, or perhaps it’s just become a tradition. Every January we can count on lists of top resolutions popping up in our newsfeeds; and while they do vary year to year, there are three that usually land at or near the top. They are health/weight loss, organization/decluttering and saving money/getting personal finances in order.

In this episode, we get sound and actionable advice from experts in each of these fields.

Keri Lappi is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, author and owner of Energetic Wellness Coaching. She gave some tips in our last episode on making it through the holidays without overindulging in “Health Hacks for the Holidays”. This time we focus on getting a January jump-start to healthier living, especially if we gave in to those holiday temptations and need to really get it in gear.

Deanna Yates is the founder and CEO of Wannabe Clutter Free and the host of the Wannabe Minimalist podcast. We get tips for de-cluttering AND how to maintain organization in our homes as we re-visit part of “Easy Ways to Stay Organized.”

Kembala Evans, a Financial Coach, author and speaker has wise words on why it’s important to up your savings and how to do it no matter what your situation is. She’ll also guide us through some other priceless personal finance tips including how to deal with debt. She’s one of our favorite guests, most recently featured on “Don’t Make These Money Mistakes.”

Always remember resolutions aren't so much about fixing flaws as tapping your potential. Whether you’re making them, or you just want to increase your knowledge, click play for some sage advice you can use any time of the year.






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