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Up Your Energy at Any Age (w/ Health & Lifestyle Consultant, Craig Bruce)

Do you ever watch children race around without ever tiring and think, “I wish I had that kind of energy!” Sure, that sort of stamina may be out of reach (and honestly not really needed for most grownups), but it is possible to “up your game” to meet the mental and physical challenges of everything you juggle. In fact, re-igniting energy and helping with stress and burnout is what our guest, Craig Bruce specializes in. The former executive who tells us his bad habits led him on a downward health and burnout spiral, not only turned it around for himself, but became a health and lifestyle consultant and founded Evolve Health & Lifestyle. Their pillars are “mindset, nourish, restore and move.”

Craig Bruce
Craig Bruce, Founder of Evolve Health & Lifestyle

What he shares are tips and methods that have transformed his life and those he's coached. They are science-based habits to help us bounce back from the fatigue and burnout that many of us experience. He tells us that “small hinges open big doors”, and the small changes he recommends can indeed have a huge impact. Also in Craig's mantra is "progress not perfection" and this makes it much easier to implement and SO much less intimidating!

If you're tired all the time, the first thing to do is to check with your doctor. If you're looking for some fresh ideas on gaining energy, we invite you to listen in and try one, two, ... or all of his tips to claim balance over burnout and hopefully increase your energy and mental clarity whatever your age or stage of life.





Contact Craig Bruce:

Email: (ask for his 3 secrets to re-ignite energy and crush burnout!)


Quote Pic: Small hinges open big doors by Craig Bruce



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