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Can We Really Be Joyful When Life is Hard?

Life definitely has peaks and valleys. It's easy to have joy and gratitude when things are looking up. But can we keep our high hopes when it gets tough, like really tough? That's the question we dove into after learning some great tips to keep a positive mindset in the middle of our "challenges" from Robin Shear, the Joy Coach, in our last episode, 'Inviting God into Your Mess.' In this episode, we decided to put her advice to the test. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, we were able to test this against some pretty stinky situations in our personal lives. We'll take an honest look at both our success and failures here.

Finding gratitude and joy isn't always a walk in the park, and that's totally okay! We explored the importance of giving ourselves and others grace. Also drawing from both our personal experiences and expert guidance, we discussed how to support others through rough patches, finding that balance between empathy and uplifting encouragement.

Spoiler alert: There are definitely things we discovered, both for ourselves and for helping others, that can make tough times a bit easier.






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