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Finding Love at Any Age with Relationship Coach Renée Suzanne

From fairy tales to romcoms we are enchanted by couples who despite enormous odds, find each other, fall madly in love and then live happily ever after. In real life, things can be uh…a little more complicated. Not to say that romantic dreams don’t come true, but navigating the process of meeting people, dating, getting into relationships and maybe marriage is a challenging business. Now, add in that you’re trying to do it after 40 and things can get even trickier. Whether you’re looking for advice for yourself or a single friend or family member, our guest Renee Suzanne is here to help. An author and relationship coach, she helps women over 40 who want to date to find lasting love.

Dating, she tells us, is a skill that can be learned. From navigating dating apps and websites to advice to use on your dates and in your relationships, Renée fills us in on what it takes to find a man you’d want to spend the rest of your life with. A widow and single mom for 20 years, she’s now happily married again. She brings wisdom from her own experiences, her clients and her research to talk you through what it takes.

Whether you’re single, widowed or divorced: if you’re ready to be proactive in the search for your soulmate, or you want to get some helpful advice for that friend or relative who’s always fretting about never finding the right guy, click play and let’s get real about finding romance.







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