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Are You Fighting Fair With Your Partner (w/Relationship Coach, Rev. Monica Humpal)

Fighting is a given in relationships. While it’s certainly not healthy to constantly be in conflict, it is normal (and potentially beneficial) to argue with your partner. It’s how you both handle it that can make all the difference. Do your clashes strengthen the bonds of love and respect between your and your significant other or rip them apart piece by piece? We brought in a relationship expert with years of experience counseling couples to help us make sure we're fighting fairly, respectfully and effectively.

Rev. Monica Humpal, Relationship Coach

Rev. Monica Humpal leads us through the keys of effective communication in good times and bad. In addition to opening up about some of our own marriage struggles, we’ll work our way through a few of the proven tactics and effective advice she has used to help her clients.

Good communication is so much more than what we say, it's also how and when we say it. It's about respecting each other's boundaries. We need to ask ourselves if what we're doing is leading to miscommunication or escalating the conflict.

Whether your relationship is strong, barely holding on or somewhere in between; we think you’ll be in for some game-changing information and encouragement. Click play to get some wonderful words of wisdom to help you win at in the game of love.


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quote: good communication is like relationship oxygen


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