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The Power of Prayer in Marriage

Prayer has the power to change things and that includes marriages. In this bonus mini-episode, we dig into more of our discussion with Relationship Coach, Rev. Monica Humpal, this time with a focus on faith. So much impact can be made when we pray with and for our spouse, and so much good can come out of looking to the example of Jesus to help us with communication, boundaries and how we treat each other.

In our last episode “Are You Fighting Fair With Your Partner?”, Rev. Humpal gave us lessons in effective communication that were both brilliant and easy to implement. We really zoomed in on conflict and problem solving. In this part of the conversation, we drill down more into how our faith informs this process. As with the last episode, we get some practical advice from someone who has counseled many women and couples through trauma and healing. Wherever you are in your relationship: whether it’s in need of repair and reconciliation, whether it’s in need of strengthening or you could just use a brush up for good maintenance, click play! We believe what you’ll hear in the next few minutes will pack a big punch!





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Listen to Are You Fighting Fair with your Partner Imagine Yourself Podcast and Rev. Monica Humpal




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