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Finding Joy on the Good and Bad Days w/Author, Singer, Encourager Lee Cruz

Joyous woman with sunflowers

Would you rather have happiness or joy? Once you listen to this episode, you are sure to have a very clear choice. So many of us are dealing with new situations, uncertainties, insecurities, and difficult times that we can’t control. We might feel like we can’t hold onto happiness or joy. But what if we took a different approach so that we could keep ourselves centered, faithful, and joyful on the good and the bad days?

Singer and author Lee Cruz uses the Instagram account @sheisabutterfly to encourage others to look to God for help in very real and everyday ways. She shares her tough life experiences and proves that she has learned to trust God enough to live a life of joy despite it all. And although she’s not perfect, she helped us recognize that in many cases, “the beauty is in the imperfections.”

Butterflies flutter around in a way that brings joy and beauty. But we all know that a butterfly started off as a crawling caterpillar, transitioned to an isolated and confined cocoon, and eventually transformed into a beautiful butterfly. We hope that this episode helps you understand what phase of life you’re in, lean on God to be your source of joy, and embrace the bold, beautiful butterfly within! Click play to start now!

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For more encouragement, you might want to check out Lee Erica Cruz on YouTube and Instagram! Buy her book The Walking Butterfly on AMAZON

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