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Next Level Gratitude

There’s a wonderful quote that says “gratitude turns what we have into enough.” It’s a simple concept but one that’s worth repeating: if we focus on the things that we DO have instead of what we feel we lack, we realize we are truly blessed. But how can we have NEXT LEVEL gratitude? What does that even mean?

We’re releasing this episode just before Thanksgiving, the time when we many of us will go around the table and say what we’re grateful for. Some of us are better at counting our blessings than others. And to be sure, there are times in our lives that make doing that easier while other times leave us more bitter than thankful. In this episode on next level gratitude, we re-visit portions of one of our very first episodes from 2019 where we talk about being grateful during those darker times and how to go beyond just saying what we’re grateful for and living it out.

During this season of thankfulness, it’s extra important to be intentional about thinking about what and who we are grateful for. Remembering how God has blessed us, writing it down and sharing it with others are some wonderful ways to do that. As we talk about in this episode, this can help carry us through those times when we are reaching for something to be grateful for but can’t find it.

Let’s make an attitude or gratitude more than a bumper sticker or a positive quote on Instagram… and live it in our daily lives. We look at practical ways to not only feel it ourselves but to extend it to others. Click play to get your gratitude game going.




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