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Great Relationships Start With the One You Have With Yourself (w/ Life Coach Kerry Rasenberger)

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One of the most important relationships you’ll ever have is the relationship you have with yourself. This episode offers a challenge to anyone who is looking for more of all the right things. What if you start to fully embrace self-love and find yourself in more loving, balanced, meaningful relationships overall? What if being your own best friend is what ultimately leads to healthy, vibrant, and fun friendships with others? What if being kind and understanding to an imperfect you helps to navigate this imperfect world with more confidence and composure?

Kerry Rasenberger, Life Coach at her desk
Kerry Rasenberger (Life Coach Kerry) helps clients virtually and can connect with someone anywhere in the world.

We needed help finding concrete ways to bring self-love into our lives, and our guest, Certified Life Coach Kerry Rasenberger, has truly delivered. Kerry has identified this as a major issue and has been helping clients "increase self-worth, define new goals and live a life of purpose" for years. In this podcast, she gives creative suggestions and breaks it all down so that we can begin to value the importance of self-love and self-appreciation without feeling selfish. She emphasizes “11 Steps of Self-Love” that are so creative and fulfilling—a must-try! We also learn that all great relationships require the same key factors: good communication, full respect, lots of patience, and a sense of gratitude. However, when showering ourselves with love, we can add even more to the mix. The essential gifts we can give ourselves are the gifts of: self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-validation, self-trust, self-care, and genuine forgiveness.

Listen in to discover how to administer a much-needed dose of love to yourself.

You’ll also hear about a special gift that Life Coach Kerry is offering to all listeners.

Imagine Yourself loves to find new ways to build beautiful relationships, and this time, it’s all about you!

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Kerry provides inspiration on a regular basis on her Instagram and Facebook pages.



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