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Moving From Fears to Fierce (w/Mindset Coach Grace Brown)

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On paper, fear is described as “alarm or apprehension.” In and of itself, fear isn’t a bad thing; in fact, we have what’s called a fight-flight-freeze response that is a natural reaction to danger. With some things, though, this “danger” is more in our own minds, and fear can put a hard stop to our dreams and goals. Getting past them isn’t easy, so we called on an expert. Grace Brown has some marvelous methods to conquer our fears and move us from “fears to fierce”.

Grace Brown Momentum Mindset Coach helps us overcome fears on Imagine Yourself Podcast

Grace is a Momentum Mindset Coach and is affectionately known as ‘Coach G'. She’s here to help us get “unstuck in life, love or career, to create forward positive momentum to reach our fullest potential”! Grace knows a thing or two about overcoming not just fears, but incredibly harsh life circumstances. Her bio says, “I scrambled my way out of holes like homelessness and toxic relationships with job hopping and heartbreak.” Now on the other side of so many struggles, she’s here to help lift us up.

Fears can affect our jobs, relationships, family life and happiness in general. In this episode we focus on how to deal with both deep and day to day fears in a practical way.

Of course, things that are scary for us may be easy-peezy for our neighbor (and vice versa). We are all wired differently, so in addition to giving ourselves grace for our own anxieties, we need have empathy for others for theirs. One thing that does create at least some anxiety in most people is public speaking, so we spend a lot of time talking about it in this episode. Public speaking is not just getting up in front of a large group, it can be defined as anytime you’re in front of people. Whether it’s giving a presentation at work or interacting with your partner’s family or strangers at a party, Grace has tactics to deal with public speaking dilemmas.

Finally, remember that fears can actually lead to positive outcomes. We find out how we can even use what makes us anxious as a guide for what we may need to work on or next steps we should take in our lives.

Keep in mind that serious phobias, fears and anxiety are sometimes best treated by mental health professionals. However, Grace is a certified Master Mindset Life Coach, with years of experience and training. We think she offers some wonderful advice and practical tips you can start trying today for those nagging things you find scary but know you need to get past. Click play for some powerful tactics to move from fears to fierce!

Moving From Fears to Fierce (w/Mindset Coach Grace Brown)  Imagine Yourself Podcast on Apple Podcasts

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