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Opening the Door to What's Next in Your Life (w/ Coach and Consultant Heather Wolfson)

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Do you want to learn the art of being able to pivot in life? This past year has taught us that we can’t take anything for granted, and many of us wonder what’s the next best step to take in order to accomplish our goals, make an impact, and leave a legacy. If you’re thinking it may be time to do things differently this year, we invite you to listen in to our guest, CEO and Lead Strategist of Maven Coaching and Consulting as she gives us a few pointers on how to redefine our roles, refocus our vision, and reimagine the benefits of taking a risk.

There are many reasons to be thinking of a pivot. We asked Heather Wolfson to help, and she brought a roadmap that will guide you down the paths you may want to discover. She'll show you how to nail down what's really important to you and zoom in on your "why".

We even got to have our own Sandy and Lanee individual mini sessions to highlight ways to get to the next steps in our own personal and professional lives. As you hear Heather walk us through, we hope it will show you the process and help you imagine the possibilities in your personal story.

Are you?

· Thinking it’s time to open new doors to new opportunities, but don’t know where to start.

· Feeling unhappy or unsettled where you are.

· In a situation that’s just fine, but seeing all the new possibilities that expanded technologies and working from home could bring.

· Looking for something that will add more balance to your life.

· Needing something more (or less) challenging

· Doing a shift because of life circumstances (for example: your kids are older, you’ve become an empty nester, you're having a baby, you’re moving, getting married, divorced or retiring).

· Just curious and exploring.

There may even be a combination of factors or a reason unique to you. Wherever life finds you now, click play and begin a new journey as you hone in on your values, your vision and your next step.

Opening the Door to What’s Next in Your Life (w/Coach and Consultant, Heather Wolfson). Imagine Yourself Podcasts on Apple Podcasts

Opening the Door to What’s Next in Your Life (w/Coach and Consultant, Heather Wolfson). Imagine Yourself Podcasts on Spotify


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