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Starting a New Chapter? What You Should Know (w/Consultant LaShay Avery)

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Starting Fresh? Reinventing yourself? Stepping out on faith? Ready for transformation?

Admit it, we’ve all been on this road before. Many of us find ourselves here (voluntarily or involuntarily) during the super volatile and transitional year of 2020. As always, we are here to offer some help and hope! Whatever our age or stage in life, there are new doors just waiting for us to walk through. However, we need to find the doors that are the right fit for us and have the confidence to turn the knob and enter boldly.

Opening your new door and getting to the next level might involve stretching the limits of your comfort levels. It may also involve looking with fresh eyes. “You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.” This quote by author Barbara Sher is so true yet so uncomfortable. If we have years of education and experience under our belts, it's hard to step back. Not to say that our skillset and on-the-job experience get thrown out. We just may need to use it in different ways.

LaShay Avery

In this episode, we want to explore the new places we can go with all we have learned and done in life so far. Instead of telling you what you can do to get unstuck and move forward, we decided to show what it looks like by having some real talk moments with our guest, LaShay Avery, Leadership and Wellness Consultant at Q Avery Consulting. A massage therapist turned entrepreneur and consultant, she shows us what it's like to take the skills you have and use them as a foundation for something new, exciting and lucrative. In addition to filling us in on the practical steps she took, she taught us how to open doors within us in order to open doors of opportunity outside of us. Let’s just go for it and lean into new ways to get to new destinations in life!

Imagine Yourself takes pride in the fact that we support those dreams and goals that you’ve been working towards. Listen and benefit from the tips in this episode, and then share your next chapter goals with us on our Facebook page or at!

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