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Believing in Yourself Starts with Something Simple (w/Author, Sherry Duquet)

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There’s a famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt that says “Believe in yourself and you’re halfway there.” Maybe you’ve heard it before or seen it on social media. You may think it rings true, but have you really thought about it. Halfway there is a big head start. Imagine starting at the halfway point of a race or even having half of a major project done for you before you dive in.

At you can find a list of synonyms for the word believe. For our purposes let’s think of these “have no doubt” (in yourself) and “place confidence” (in yourself).

To be sure, confidence comes more easily to some. It has to do with not just your personality, but the cards life has dealt you. It has to do with what people have said about you along the way and how much you have taken it to heart. It has to do with your successes and failures and how you processed them. There are many factors, but believing in yourself or having confidence often starts with the simple concept of loving yourself.

Author Sherry Duquet shows how to give a self hug
Author Sherry Duquet

Self-love is where we’re going to start and that’s what our guest, Sherry Duquet, is helping is talking about in this podcast episode. We originally spoke with Sherry last year not long after she wrote the best-selling children’s book Violet The Hugging Octopus. This remarkable book has actually endeared itself to people of all ages as it promotes uniqueness, self-esteem, and embracing oneself….LITERALLY!

Her main character, Violet, has the secret to happiness and confidence, and it has a lot to do with self-love and self-hugs. During the episode, Sherry shares how we can take lessons from her fictional story and apply them to our real life. She also tells us how her own struggles for self-acceptance helped lead her to create the book’s heroine. We learn so much from both Sherry and Violet.

Violet the Hugging Octopus Book cover

Join us and our featured Guest Sherry Duquet and add a dose of Self-Love and Self-Confidence to your day!

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Sandy Kovach & Lanee Blaise with the Violet plushie book buddy!
Sandy & Lanee with the Violet plushie book buddy!

Want a free autographed copy of Violet the Hugging Octopus and a plushie book buddy? If you're reading this before January 1, 2021, email Sherry at and put Imagine Yourself in the subject line. You'll automatically be in a random drawing. You will be notified by Sherry if you win after the first of the year.

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