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When You Can’t See Your Way Through

When we’re in the middle of a challenging or difficult time, sometimes it seems like the worst part is all the uncertainty. We tell ourselves it would be easier to get through if we just knew how the situation would turn out or even how long we’d be going through it. Why can’t it be like finding out what happens to our favorite character in the season finale of a Netflix binge?... at least at some point soon we’ll have our answer. Of course, reality is much different. We're trying to look through life's murky waters without knowing when (or if) they will clear. It’s that struggle we explore in this bonus mini-episode.

If we are people of faith, we can simply say trusting God is the way through. However, sometimes even as we say, “God is in control; I give it to Him,” inside we’re still just as bound up with anxiety. As we reflect on our last episode, Faith Over Fear: Singer Gabbie McGee on How to Get Your Confidence Back, we recall Gabbie’s trudge through tough challenges as self-doubt tried to take away her dream.

We’ll use her advice as we work our way through some of our own current uncertainties and hope that sharing them will help you through your own murky waters. Click play for a dose of faith and hope!






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