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Faith Over Fear: Singer Gabbie McGee on How to Get Your Confidence Back

Do you ever feel like the biggest thing holding your back is…you? Whether it’s starting something new or starting something over, many times fear and self-doubt creep in and try to squash our dreams. Vocalist Gabbie McGee is an inspiration for all of us looking to overcome these confidence killers. Her story is one of leaning on faith, family, and her own determination to bring her amazing talent back out into the world.

Struggling with the feeling of not being good enough isn’t uncommon for anyone, but it can be multiplied when you’ve got the pressure of the public spotlight. In this episode, Gabbie talks about her break from the music business for her own mental and spiritual health, and what she faced re-entering the super-competitive world of entertainment. She says sitting at home and watching some of the people she started in the business with accepting Grammy’s and American Music Awards was not easy, but she does not regret taking a step back for one minute. She wants us to know that not only is it OK to take a break when you need to, but not to be afraid to get back in when you want to. Her coach inspired her with the words, “Don’t let your age or what you think has passed you by, stop you from doing something right now.” That’s a word for all of us!

We think you’ll love meeting Gabbie! Not only is she an award-winning jazz vocalist, but she’s also a songwriter and music composer for film and television. And, she’ll be the first to tell you that her favorite role is at home where she is a wife and busy mom of three.

Listen in as she fills us in on the highs and lows of her life with some amazing stories about how God has used both wonderful and difficult things: from Steve Harvey being blown away by her singing voice on Family Feud to how she turned the heartbreaking loss of her sister into a beautiful online boutique called Bloom & The Bee to honor her memory and serve others. We’ll also learn about her latest endeavors, including a way to support her in the Opening Act contest for a chance to sing at the Hollywood Bowl. Click play to meet your new favorite singer and to get some truly incredible inspiration.





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Quote: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway


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