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Prayer is a Two-Way Street

Whether prayer is a daily practice, a sometimes thing or an emergency outlet, most of us have called out to the Almighty. In our last episode “God, Please Speak to Me,” we explored whether He communicates back; and if He does, how it could happen. Our guest, Kelli Shelton from Seek Well Ministries, really opened our eyes (and ears) and the episode is becoming one of our most listened-to. In this short bonus episode, we reflect on what we learned from it and explore ways we believe God has directed us (ways that we may not have realized until we looked back).

There are so many methods that God uses to communicate. It is primarily through His Word, but He also uses other powerful ways to guide our mind and hearts. You probably shouldn’t expect and audible booming voice to snap you to attention. We have found that God’s ways are gentle, loving, scriptural and are often customized specifically to each person. As you click play, we pray that the next few minutes will bring new meaning to your prayer life.





Corrie Ten Boom quote about prayer



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