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Holding On To Hope w/Guests, Marylin Nutter & April White

Authors of "Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart"

Ups and Downs are part of life, but sometimes the “downs” seem more like cliffs we can’t climb up. “We encourage women to see that the hit that knocks you down doesn’t have to keep you there,” Marilyn Nutter wrote to us in an email a few months back. Marilyn and her co-author April White have become affectionately known as “The Hope Ladies” and we are excited to share their stories.

Just when they thought they had life “figured out”, each was dealt a sudden harsh blow. Marilyn was blindsided, when 2,000 miles from home and two days before Christmas, her husband passed away. Out of nowhere, April was diagnosed with a rare chronic illness that caused a complete upheaval for her career, family and finances; not to mention making day to day living a struggle. These Hope Ladies tell their stories and that of other women who were shocked by unforeseen adversity, and how they held on to hope through embracing their faith and by encouraging each other. As April said to us in the podcast, “hope is a team sport.”

Hardships don’t happen in a vacuum; they can have ripple effects into all areas of life. They also affect those around us. In this episode, we’ll talk about traveling through these difficult circumstances and adapting to new realities. We talk about finding joy again and sharing that joy and hope with others.

We are told in scripture to expect troubles in this world (John 16:33), so how can all of us be a little more prepared when the unexpected comes our way? Our guests reveal what they’ve learned. Click play for a big helping of faith, hope and encouragement.





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