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Imagine Yourself Savoring the Seasons of Life

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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Savor the beauty of it all. Why are seasons so important, and what do they signify in your life? Seasons add beauty and variety to our world. Who doesn’t love the contrast between summer days and snowflakes, budding spring flowers and colorful, autumn leaves drifting down from the treetops? Seasons also mark the passage of time. They remind us that all things on earth, from the most wonderful to the most terrible, have an expiration date. It can be comforting to know that things in this life are temporary, and it can help us to plan accordingly. Seasons teach us that there is a time for life and death, planting, growing, and gathering, withering away and blossoming. Just think, summer is that much sweeter because we know that, eventually, it will leave and turn into something completely different. What if we tried to savor that sweetness?

You may have heard the quote from C.S. Lewis, “You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” From childhood, through our senior years, there is life to be lived and memories to be made for us and those around us. there’s a time for old school and for new school, a time for work and for play, a time for joy and for sorrow, and a lot of cherished, quality time for friends and family. I’m trying to spend more time soaking up the laughter and smiles and good times so that I can remember those memories when the not-so-good times hit hard.

Did you know that it is possible to go through life and miss out on the good times? We could blink and find ourselves wishing that we had taken the time to savor our parents, our children, our spouses, our friends, even ourselves! Another great quote “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” (Robert Brault) reminds us where life’s true treasures are found. Let’s make a conscious effort, today, to call or visit or hug or pray for or play with the people who make our lives worth living. Let’s watch the seasons as they come and go, using them as mile markers to help us determine how far we’ve traveled, how much love we’ve poured out, and how many memories we’ve created, before our journey here on earth is over. Let’s savor the big and little seasons of life!

We invite you to savor whatever season you find yourself living in right now. Listen in to this episode because we’re dedicating it to the Season of You!

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quote about never being too old by C.S. Lewis



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