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Generations: Finding Your Place in the World

Old School, New School, or Combination? We live in a society full of Gen X, Y, Z, and Baby Boomers, so let’s take a moment to appreciate the nuances of all four generations. The word “conversations” has come up in the media a lot lately, and with our constantly changing world, conversations might be the best way to understand other viewpoints and bridge gaps in general.

Imagine Yourself is constantly trying to find ways to make our lives better, and we believe having conversations that lead to strong connections between the generations is a crucial way to do that. Why not take the very best of each age group, mix experience with innovation, and find ways to solve some of the pressing problems that we are all facing?

This episode brings in representatives from each generation who give their opinions on how their group has contributed to society as a whole. Their responses are guaranteed to surprise you and inspire you!

Whether you love Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Nirvana or Rihanna, grew up watching I Love Lucy, The Jeffersons, Friends, or The Big Bang Theory, you will gain fresh perspectives on all generations after checking out this episode.

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