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Having a Healing Heart to Heart on Race

Lanee Blaise and Sandy Kovach

Why now? Why is all this unrest happening in our country now? Why is race such an energized issue right now? Why is this a good time to hear a helpful, healing, heart to heart conversation between the races?

Many white and non-black people might wonder how did they not know that so many underlying things were happening in this country.

Many black people feel the intense pain of the recent events, combined with the weight of carrying it alone for decades, and finally having some hope now that it has been exposed. This episode is dedicated to all of us.

The reason that everything came to light now is that there was just the right combination of circumstances happening all at once:

1. 2020 was ready to show the world a new way to be in a new decade.

2. Technology allowed camera phones to document the world in real-time.

3. Some of the worst back to back racial incidents all happened and were uncovered for the world to see in a span of just a few weeks

4. The Quarantine period caused by COVID-19 had everyone at home isolated and not distracted from this very real problem of racial injustice.

5. And, finally, enough good people in this world wanted to have a Heart Change along with Real Change that would lead to justice for all.

How can you know what you didn’t know you needed to know?

And, now that you know, what should you do?

Be willing to listen. Listen in on this candid yet hopeful conversation between the races where we try to cover all the bases and all the questions. Listen and see what you come away with!

One last important thing. We wouldn’t be Imagine Yourself if we didn’t say:

Imagine Yourself waking up tomorrow morning to find that you had been transformed into a black man. You are still you. You have the same eyes to see and ears to hear and fingers and toes, but your skin is a visibly different color—the color of your favorite, deep, rich coffee. Imagine. Would anything in your life be different? Would you have to be careful about where you went and how you moved? Would a whole new crop of people in your own country see you as a terrible, dangerous threat? How would it feel to have segments of the population tense up when they walk by you? YOU ARE STILL YOU on the inside! You are a kind, intelligent, worthy, helpful, safe person. How would it feel to know that none of that mattered—that only the color of your skin was determining how you would be viewed and treated?

Will you be able to SEE this world with fresh eyes now that you know new things?

Listen to our vibrant conversation so that you can start your own conversations and so that you can hear fresh ideas on HOW to make a positive change? Press Play, and after you hear the heart to heart, Share it with others and even Connect with us to give us your thoughts!

Imagine Yourself podcast episode on race relations on apple podcasts

Imagine Yourself podcast episode on race relations on Spotify


Sidewalk in Plymouth, MI leading to protest gathering
Sidewalk in Plymouth, MI leading to protest gathering



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