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How to Cope in a World of Constant Change (w/Psychotherapist Blaine Lawson)

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Netflix! Who knew Netflix would be such a big constant in our lives. Netflix is one thing that has not changed during this entire pandemic. It was around before COVID, racial tensions, and everything else that 2020 amplified. Here are 5 things that Netflix has taught us during these trying times:

1. How to Press Pause: Devices that allow us to press PAUSE are awesome! There are times in life when we need to press pause so that we can properly process the changes, the disruptions, the noise that bombards us. Embrace and utilize the power of Pause!

2. How to Categorize What We Need: Netflix loves to give suggestions of shows and movies that you might want to watch. What if we did a better job of categorizing our lives to make space for healthier foods, healthier relationships, and healthier choices. We might need to take the turbulent 2020 and use it to revamp what we watch, listen to, consume, purchase, and participate in.

3. How to Escape Reality for 2 Hours: The power of imagination can be a beautiful thing. Can you imagine a better, more peaceful, healthy world? The writers at Netflix show us that we all need a little excitement to shake things up, but we also need some downtime. Escape to other worlds for a couple of hours, but don’t forget to take time to visualize and imagine fun, happy, safe circumstances for yourself and your loved ones. Believe it and achieve it!

4. How to Recognize When Change is Good: Nobody wants to watch the same old show over and over again. Humans need new, vibrant situations to feel fresh. It’s natural to resist change, but our world needs a change in the areas that are no longer working. Revolution and innovation make the world go-'round, and we are all learning how to navigate new ways of doing almost everything.

5. How to Make it Through to the End: When you watch Netflix, or any movie or show, you naturally root for the main character to make it through their struggles to a big win at the end of the story. Let’s bet on ourselves and imagine ourselves making it through all of this for a big win at the end. Let’s pray for our world to come out better at the end of all of this.

Overall, in order to build your mental health and mental state of mind, you might need to eventually turn off Netflix and take time to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “Self, what do I need to do, say, be, give, and even change in order to stay strong and healthy in the midst of constant change?”

Psychotherapist Blaine Lawson
Psychotherapist Blaine Lawson

We are lucky enough to have a guide for all of this: someone who can give us strategies to help us cope on our own or know when we need help. Blaine Lawson is a psychotherapist who has helped patients deal with the stresses of everyday life AND the seemingly insurmountable challenges of tremendous trauma.

Instead of Netflix, tune into Imagine Yourself and join us and our Guest, Psychotherapist Blaine Lawson, to learn the ways to handle all the changes that keep coming our way!

Listen to episode of Imagine Yourself podcast about coping with change with psychotherapist Blaine Lawson on Apple Podcasts

Listen to episode of Imagine Yourself podcast about coping with change with psychotherapist Blaine Lawson on Spotify

Listen to episode of Imagine Yourself podcast about coping with change with psychotherapist Blaine Lawson on Spotify

quote about enjoying the little things
Blaine (here w/family) says remembering to enjoy the little things will help you cope with change!



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