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How to Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep (w/Sleep Expert Katelyn Anderson)

Sleep Expert Katelyn Anderson of Eqip Sleeping Company with Cozy Case
Katelyn Anderson and her "Cozy Case"

In life there are times famous for sleep deprivation: the arrival of a baby, the all-nighters studying in school, the tossing and turning before a big life event, the crazy schedule that makes getting enough sleep a pipedream. What happens, though, when not getting the rest we need becomes a persistent problem? We called on sleep expert Katelyn Anderson to help us finally get a good night’s sleep (hopefully lots of them!) If you or someone you love could benefit from better sleep or you just want to make sure you’re doing all you can to promote the proper rest your body needs, this episode is for you!

Katelyn is a therapist, Founder/CEO of Equip Sleeping Company, and creator of Cozy Case. She says her mission is to highlight the intersection between sleep and mental health. Indeed, a good night’s sleep can do wonders for our state of mind. Conversely not getting our rest can lead to moodiness, anxiety, depression, and other issues. It can also affect our memory and ability to concentrate. Then there are physical problems which can range from high blood pressure, weight gain, weakened immunity and even heart disease.

It’s true that sometimes life circumstances prevent proper sleep and you just have to do the best you can, but if you are like millions of people who are simply having trouble falling or staying asleep on a regular basis, this episode is full of honesty and answers.

Katelyn’s official mission is “evidenced-based, solution-focused, cognitive and behavioral strategies to support individuals in creating the ideal conditions for falling asleep and staying asleep.” So, basically it’s what can you do that can actually give you results. She takes us through a sleep hygiene checklist that includes our surroundings, what we should or shouldn’t be consuming at night, how to get in a proper state of mind to rest and so much more.

We always hear how important it is to get 7 or 8 hours of continuous sleep a night, but Katelyn tells us why for some people “fragmented sleep” is OK. We also dive into the question of napping. Should you be doing it and how long? Also, what do you do if your partner has different sleeping habits, snores or has other issues? Spoiler alert, this affects all three of us and we’ll look at strategies that help keep everyone happy (and sleeping soundly!). Ready to finally get a good night's sleep? Listen right here or on your favorite podcast app (you can do either by clicking the player below)

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Comfort Zones:

Mental: Many times issues of racing thoughts keep us from getting in our comfort zone. In the podcast, we walk through some wonderful strategies and affirmations, including the famous Serenity Prayer that can quiet our mind.

Calming picture with the serenity prayer

Physical: From the proper temperature in the room to wearing loose, comfy sleepwear to our mattresses, pillows and blankets, all are important and the products required may be unique for everyone. Katelyn’s new Cozy Case is a something truly revolutionary that you may benefit from. Cozy Case “functions as a traditional pillowcase while providing a soothing tactile experience with its plush sides. The plush sides can be held and hugged, helping to relax the nervous system.” Hear the story of how it came to be on our podcast and find out more benefits. You can also check out the Kickstarter HERE to get more information or purchase.


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