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No More "Should’ve Could’ve Would’ve"

We've all been there – those moments when we find ourselves trapped in a cycle of negative self-talk, dwelling on missed opportunities, and regretting past decisions. The "should've, could've, would've" mentality can be a heavy burden to carry. It can steal our joy and blind us to our blessings. We wanted to explore ways to break free from this pattern, whether it occasionally gets in the way of our happiness or full-out sabotages our life.

Inspired by one of our former guests, psychotherapist Blaine Lawson, this episode has us looking at how to shake loose the grip of regret, silence our inner critic and help us appreciate our “perfect imperfectness”. Remember, fretting over the past doesn’t help. Let’s leave those “alternate realities” to movie and TV show plots and accept where we are in this present moment.

Changing our mindset also helps us build a better future because every setback is an opportunity for growth. Instead of allowing failures to define us, let's use them as stepping stones towards a better version of ourselves while we trust God’s timing in our lives. Are you ready for some change? Click play for actionable ideas on how to get rid of “should coulda woulda” once and for all.




Listen to: How to Stop Negative Thoughts from Holding You Back (w/Psychotherapist Blaine Lawson)




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