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Health Hacks for the Holidays (with Coach Keri Lappi)

Getting or staying healthy can certainly be challenging any time of the year, but during the holiday season the temptations come at you hard. It begins with the first bag of Halloween candy you purchase in October and probably doesn’t stop until January 2. From holiday parties to the cookie exchanges and everything in between, how do we keep from going overboard without feeling deprived? This requires some expert advice, and we got it with coach Keri! In this episode, we focus not only on the holidays, but what to do when faced with staying healthy while attending events or parties for any special occasion, vacation eating and more. We even got some great general nutrition, fitness and weight loss advice.

Keri Lappi Fitness Coach

Keri Lappi is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and holds a Certified International Health Coach Certification. She’s also a triathlete and the owner of Energetic Wellness Coaching. She wrote a book called “Just One Thing: Simplifying the Mystery of a Healthy Lifestyle.” We invite you to listen as Keri clues us in on how to set yourself up to be successful going into tempting situations using both psychology and biology.

We talk about how to keep from feeling deprived, the crazy pull sugar can have on us and even how the food industry could be setting us up to fail if we don’t know what to watch for. We’ll learn how sleep, stress and staying hydrated all have huge impact on both our health and potential weight loss.

Overall, Keri wants us to not focus on the scale or the size of our jeans, but on being healthy. She shares how if we can start with (as her book says) “just one thing,” we can begin the journey to getting there. Click play for some great health hacks for the holidays and beyond.




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Here's to a happy and healthy holiday season


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