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Easy Ways to Stay Organized with Clutter Free Living Expert, Deanna Yates

Being more organized is something that can add both efficiency and productivity to your life. Chances are it would also make life easier. To be fair, it definitely comes more naturally to some people, but anyone can get the hang of it. It’s also true that getting organized isn’t a one-time thing. It’s all about creating systems that work for you and those in your house, so things can stay the way you want them without it being overwhelming or over-complicated. In this episode we look at simple ways not just to declutter and get more organized, but ways to get systems and routines in place that make it easier to stay on track.

Stepping in to help is Clutter Free Living Expert Deanna Yates. She’s the founder and CEO of Wannabe Clutter Free and the host of the Wannabe Minimalist podcast. She helps us move beyond the boxes, bins and lists (although there is some of that!) to simple tactics that are effective and customizable. Deanna shows us how staying flexible is important because so much can depend on your circumstances, your schedule and season of life. We also loved that she showed us that developing habits and routines can actually be fun (true story!). Deanna’s ideas are amazing, and her enthusiasm is infectious. It may be just the motivation you need!

So, whether you’re one step away from being on Hoarders, an organization ace that needs just a few tweaks…or like most of us, somewhere in between…we think this will be a big help. Click play to begin your trip from clutter to clarity and have some fun along the way!




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