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Making Time for What Counts: Tips from Busy Pros

We can think of “time for what counts” in a couple of ways. Making sure we check the most pressing things off our to-do list, or getting our business taken care of so we can focus on the things in life that matter to us most: like family, friends, faith or causes we support. In this bonus mini episode, we talk about both as we get advice from to two very accomplished professionals who juggle all these things and are the kind of people who you might want to ask, “how in the world do they get everything done?”.

In the last episode, we talked with Gail Perry-Mason and Mark S. Lee about the benefits of diversity, especially in the workplace. In this bonus episode, they gave us some tips for how to beat the clock to master the 24 hours we are all given in a day. We loved the clever things they did to not only make sure they HAD time for their priorities, but that they MADE THE MOST OF IT. We hope the short time you spend listening to this podcast will be multiplied back manyfold by what you learn.







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