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Don't Make These Money Mistakes w/Financial Coach & Author, Kembala Evans

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Ready to reframe your financial picture? Let’s take a good look at your relationship with money. Hopefully, there are many things working well, but there may be mistakes you’re making that you weren’t even aware of. Our guest, financial guru, Kembala Evans wants to help you find ways to make your money work for you instead of against you. Words like budgets, savings, credit scores and emergency funds can give you hope instead of fear. You just need a proper introduction to what they can mean for you and your personal and financial freedom and an understanding of how to easily implement them into your lifestyle.

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At Imagine Yourself, we typically focus on mental and spiritual health, but because our state of mind and our relationships can be so impacted by money matters, we wanted to dive into this topic. It seems especially relevant given our recent economic issues related to the pandemic. Financial Coach, author, and speaker Kembala Evans is our expert guest, and she has the receipts! She’s written two books: Get Your Money Right and Drop the Debt Weight.

In this episode, you’ll get tips on things like spending, saving, improving your credit score and reducing debt that you can truly work into your lifestyle. There are many things you can do that you may have never even thought about before. This is everyday money management anyone can practice.

We talk about how to get smarter and more confident about what you’re doing with your money and finding areas where you can make your money grow. We also talk about how money can affect your relationships and how to talk about it with your partner and children or grandchildren if you have them.

If you’re ready to start evaluating your habits and beliefs, and look at what’s working and what isn’t, press play. It could be the first step to real financial peace of mind.





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We vote for BOTH! It's possible with the right skills.



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