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Help for a High-Priced Holiday Season w/Financial Coach Kembala Evans

It’s no secret that prices have gone through the roof lately. The cost of everything from filling up your gas tank to filling up your shopping cart has spiked. From cat food to cars and hamburgers to houses, we are feeling a big pain in the wallet. Not to mention, sometimes we just consider ourselves lucky to even FIND what we set out to purchase.

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Words that most folks don’t hear much outside of an economics class like “supply chain” and “inflation” are now common in everyday language. That’s just where we are in holiday season 2021.

Enter financial coach and author, Kembala Evans. In last week’s chat with her on Don't Make These Money Mistakes, we got some great insight into personal finance and a ton of easy-to-implement tips. In this bonus mini-episode, we feature an additional part of our discussion with Kembala on the challenges presented by this year’s unique economic environment.

Along with detailing some ideas to help us handle our money, we take a step back and look at what is truly important to keep in mind during the holiday season and beyond.




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