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Do You Wish God Would Speak to You?

We've all been there—facing tough decisions, at a crossroads in life, or just in need of a little divine reassurance. Whether it’s wisdom or comfort we seek, we may struggle to know what to do. Sometimes it helps to hear how God has impacted the lives of others. Lanée and Sandy open up about their personal experiences and share stories about how they and people they know have found comfort and clarity in ways they definitely didn’t see coming.

This heartwarming episode serves as a reminder that God's messages can be found in the seemingly ordinary and everyday moments of life. If you're seeking faith-based inspiration and assurance during times of waiting, we believe this episode will provide a touching reminder that God's guidance may come in unexpected and beautiful ways. Settle in with your coffee or tea and click play to join us on the journey.



A beautiful song from Mercy Me


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