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God, Please Speak To Me (w/Kelli Shelton of Seek Well Ministries)

When you pray, you open the door to communicating with God. Whether out loud or silently, with others or by yourself; you can let Him know what’s on your mind and in your heart. But do you listen for Him to speak back to you? Is it even possible, and if so, how does that happen? We invited a wonderful guest, Kelli Shelton from “Seek Well” Ministries to share her knowledge about how we can experience God’s divine guidance in our lives.

Kelli and her husband Tim co-founded Seek Well which she calls “a movement to teach people to slow down the pace of life so we can hear from God and refresh our hearts.” Their book, blogs, podcasts and immersive experiences have helped to transform many lives. In our last episode How Slowing Down Speeds Up Success (and Happiness!), we discovered that being intentional about getting rest and down time had many benefits, including being better able to receive divine direction. In this episode, we take it a step further to really dig into that possibility.

Exploring real life stories, we found that there’s not just one way that God communicates. However, a couple of things seemed constant: 1) to hear God’s voice, we need to “turn down the world’s volume”. And 2) to recognize it (discern what is and is not God), we should keep building a relationship with Him and spend time in His Word.

We think you’ll be blessed by listening to examples from our own lives and those of others, as well as seeing what the Bible has to say. As you listen, you may recognize experiences that you have had personally, or it may open your eyes (and ears!) to new possibilities. Say a quick prayer, then click play to join us as we explore the subject of hearing from God.




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