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Mind-Blowing Lessons From Life Coaches

These days life coaches are becoming more and more popular. We love talking to them so we can pass along ways to make us better, happier humans. So, let's dig in to help motivate us in areas we might need to work on, but do it without all the judgement. In this episode we highlight lessons learned from four coaches we talked to in previous episodes. We’ll get eleven keys to self-care (Kerry Rasenberger), how to break a bad habit by "deconditioning desire" (Leslie Hoerner), overcoming fears – especially public speaking (Grace Brown) and controlling our reactions to negative situations (Sheila Sutherland). Here’s hoping the next few minutes can bring some positive and lasting life changes.

There's a new year around the corner and over the next month or so, we’ll also be looking back at some life-changing wisdom we’ve received from career coaches, health and fitness experts, mental health professionals and those in the faith community. It’s the best way we can think of to help equip you for 2022 whether or not you make new year’s resolutions. We valued this advice and hope you will too.

As for this week’s episode with life coaches, there are so many wonderful lessons we learned from these ladies, but we had to narrow it down. We definitely encourage you to go back and listen to the full episodes when you have time. For now, we packed the highlights into a few minutes for super self-improvement.

Writer Aldous Huxley famously said, “There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” Plus, as we become better versions of ourselves, we become more effective in our relationships, vocations and in helping others. Focusing on self-improvement is far from being selfish, so click play and take a few minutes to focus on yours.

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