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From Exhausted to Energized (with Holistic Health Coach Jennifer Oknin)

Our energy level touches everything we do. It can feel overwhelming and frustrating to not have enough to fully engage in daily activities and get the most out of life. If it feels like you're sometimes running on empty, dragging yourself through the day, Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Jennifer Oknin is here to help.

Jennifer Oknin, Holistic Health Coach
Holistic Health Coach Jennifer Oknin

A former self-described “Runnin’ on Dunkin’ girl,” Jennifer Oknin shares valuable insights into achieving a more energized and balanced life that goes beyond what we eat or how much we exercise. Hormones, stress, and sleep also play a huge part. She says we should look at our health as a whole package and get some good foundational habits in place. But how do we get there? We’ve got questions and she’s got answers!

If you want to kick exhaustion to the curb and invite in a wave of energy, this episode may be a total game-changer! Click play and let’s learn how to up our energy and get healthier together.






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quote: Respect and protect your energy


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