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Festive and Fit: Enjoy the Holidays Without Weight Worries (w/ Health Coach Jennifer Oknin)

It can be the most wonderful, but also the most unhealthy time of the year. Welcome to the holidays where more food, less exercise and an extra helping of stress are served. We'd like you to have a joyous season without the worries, so we're bringing back a fabulous holistic health coach with hacks to help us enjoy all the holidays have to offer AND stay fit while doing it.

If you listened to our last episode, you met Jennifer Oknin, a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner. She joined us for: From Exhausted to Energized. This time she shares her top 5 tips for enjoying all the holiday festivities while staying on track with our fitness goals. Whether we’re trying to avoid weight gain, not get off track with our exercise routine, stop stress, or just have the energy to deal with the extras that the holidays throw on our calendars; Jennifer comes prepared with proven strategies.

Got 10 minutes? Click play for tips you can use during the holidays and beyond.




Holistic Health Coach Jennifer Oknin

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