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Can You Really Find True Happiness? (w/ Life Coach, Kerry Rasenberger)

We’ve all seen those quotes that say: “Happiness Is…” They’ve been around for decades, from the old Peanuts cartoons to quotes on social media. Happiness is holding a warm puppy. Happiness is a long walk with a friend. Happiness is smelling fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. No doubt you could fill in your own with many things. They are all wonderful, but they are circumstantial. They don’t get to the root of finding true happiness. In this episode, we wanted to know what that might look like, so we invited someone who could offer some simple techniques that will not only help us explore finding it but allow us to dive into what may be holding us back from grasping contentment.

Kerry Rasenberger (Kerry Life Coach) is one of our favorite people! Along with her clients, she deals out wisdom to over ninety-thousand followers on Instagram. We’ve also had her on the podcast previously in an enlightening episode called “Great Relationships Start With the One You Have With Yourself”. A certified life coach who reinvented herself and started her own business in her 50’s, Kerry has learned a thing or two about discovering happiness for herself and for those she coaches. In this episode, she focuses on things like self-care, relationships that have healthy boundaries, and creating an environment in which we can thrive.

“Self-care is health care,” she says. We need to be careful not to confuse prioritizing taking care of ourselves and our happiness with selfishness. When we show up as our best selves we are better equipped to be there for others as well.

Truth: this is not a magic cure-all for contentment. Many times, things need to be dealt with on a much deeper level. It is, however, a very eye-opening look at what may be holding you back from finding your joy. Grab your headphones, hit play and take some time to reflect. The more honest you can be with yourself as you listen, the better.






Self Care is Health Care Quote Kerry Life Coach



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