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Reinventing Yourself at Any Age (with Entrepreneur, Tami Garcia)

Thinking of re-inventing yourself?

Let's talk about the struggle between sticking with what we know and taking risks. Have you ever felt torn between playing it safe and stepping out of your comfort zone? Our guest: mom and entrepreneur, Tami Garcia says growth is on the other side of change. To be fair, she’s probably taken more risks in a few years than most of take in a lifetime. However, reinventing yourself doesn’t have to be that drastic. If you have the desire to step out and do something different (big or small) at virtually any age or stage in life, this episode is for you.

Tami Garcia CEO and Founder of Mully Lingua

Tami is the founder and CEO of Mully Lingua. Her company helps people connect with their cultural heritage. Tami shares her incredible story of leaving a secure corporate job, starting the new company, adopting a daughter from Ethiopia and moving to another country -- all within a few years’ time! She radiates with the transformative power of the courageous choices she had to make to fulfill her vision. However, she says she could not have done it without her faith, believing that if God has gives her a vision, He will help her achieve it. We'll hear how our guest has also used past adversity for fuel in her ambitions to change things for herself, her daughter and her community. From childhood struggles to health issues (including a near-death experience!), she’s not only been able to overcome many tough circumstances, but also use them as a growth experience for herself and to share her wisdom with others. There are just so many uplifting aspects to her story, the kind that can help you feel ready for your next challenge!

So, what do you want to be when you “grow up”? Re-inventing yourself is something you can do at any point in your life. Whether you have a whole new vision for yourself or just want to make a few adjustments, click play for the inspiration to take the next step!






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