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How to Use the Power of Resilience to Get What You Want in Life (w/ Lisa Howze, Author & Speaker)

Author of Candy Girl Mentality, Lisa Howze

Do you have a vision for what you would like your life to be? Your dreams and goals are unique and so is the journey you’re traveling to get there. However, one thing that seems to be true for everyone is that the road isn't often easy – but that’s not a bad thing! According to our guest Lisa Howze, it’s actually those times when we fail or fall short that can be our best teachers and motivators. “Losses are no more than lessons that lead to your next blessing”, she says.

Lisa Howze is the author of “Candy Girl Mentality: Keys to Turning Bitter Moments into Sweet Success” Her resume indeed has a string of amazing successes, but they did not come without failures, disappointments and setbacks. This CPA, author, speaker, professional strategist and public servant (including being a Michigan state representative) has experienced more than her share. Through it she has continued to move forward guided by faith, perseverance, resilience and the desire to help others.

One of the things we learned from Lisa is that we need to attach ourselves to a cause bigger than ourselves. She’s certainly doing that as her book’s mission is to reach 150,000 high school students (or 1% of the U.S. population of high school students) with a “message of financial empowerment, perseverance and career and life readiness” by donating books. Of course, the book is also for anyone at any age. As long as God has you here, there’s a way to use your gifts and wisdom for both your happiness and to help others.

Lisa’s enthusiasm and courage are infectious, and we promise you’ll learn and be entertained by listening to her story and her advice. If you’re ready to rise higher, click play to up your resilience factor!




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