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Is Your Test Worth Your Testimony?

Ever found yourself trapped in a storm wondering if it's all worth it? In our latest episode, we dive deep into the profound question, "Is your test worth your testimony?" Here you’ll get a candid reflection on the trials we face in life and how they shape us, featuring emotional listener responses to our last episode "From Heartache to Healing" with Francine Brown. Through her powerful journey, Francine showed us that even in the darkest hours, there is a glimmer of hope waiting to be uncovered.

Whether you're navigating a tough season or seeking inspiration to keep pushing forward, this episode offers both a roadmap and a sense of community. Learn how sharing your own story can be a source of strength and how finding hope amid trials can turn your tests into powerful testimonies.

 Ready to focus on  revealing God's faithfulness to yourself and to others? Take a deep breath and click play.




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