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From Heartache to Healing with Francine Brown

Feeling weighed down by life's challenges and looking for a bit of hope? Tune in to this episode of the Imagine Yourself Podcast, where we discuss "From Heartache to Healing" with the inspiring Francine Brown. Francine has faced more than her fair share of tough times. Just in the last few years it included dealing with breast cancer while caring for her husband who ultimately lost his battle with cancer.

In our chat, Francine opens up about how her experiences with profound grief and loss taught her to put her trust in God and find peace in the little things—like time spent with animals and embracing the beauty of the natural world. She's struggled, she's questioned, but she's also found strength and inspiration in the most unexpected places. If you're looking for a story that blends real talk about life's challenges with a powerful message of faith and hope, this one's for you. So, grab your favorite beverage, get comfy, and join us for a truly uplifting conversation.



Francine Brown and her horse
Francine Brown raised and showed horses in western equine events for almost a decade with several major accomplishments including National Championship wins!




“There are only two things that pierce the human heart. One is beauty. The other is affliction.”


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