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Imagine Yourself Taking Command of Your Career w/ CEO of Push Career Management, Brenda Cunningham

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“Taking care of business” is a powerful phrase that applies to a variety of life scenarios. Sometimes, it includes taking care of something physical, like your car. Other times, it means taking command of something intangible, like your career. If you take a good look, you’ll find some interesting similarities when it comes to getting the most mileage out of each.

It’s easy to see that cars require maintenance, upgrades, and the initial purchase of an actual vehicle. After this week’s revealing episode, it makes sense that a career also needs these same requirements for ultimate performance: maintenance, upgrades, and the initial acquisition of an actual job.

Let’s say you already have a fantastic vehicle that is just right for you. Maintenance is key. Make sure to get oil changes and tune-ups regularly in order to keep your car in stellar condition. If you are one of the lucky ones who already has a fantastic job/career and hopes to hold onto it, you might want to develop a maintenance routine where you are regularly sharpening your industry skills (through classes or conferences), building new contacts (by networking with quality connections), and peeking under the hood to make sure that you remain an innovative, relevant, benefit to the company.

Do you ever feel the desire to take things to the next level? You might want to upgrade your car with a fresh paint job or brand new tires and hubcaps. What if you want to upgrade your career by seeking a promotion, by moving up the corporate ladder? This might require gaining certain certifications or training, refreshing your resume and career portfolio, evaluating your job description while reviewing and applying to current job postings, and proving to higher-ups that you are ready for new opportunities.

Wanna go car shopping? Or job searching? Whether you’re purchasing a car for the very first time, replacing a car that gave out, or simply switching to a vehicle that better fits your needs, the acquisition is necessary. The same holds true for a career. You want to acquire a job, and you need to determine what job best suits you. You might be new to the job market (or maybe there’s been a long break). Perhaps your position has been eliminated and you’re facing layoffs, or the company has decided to go in “a different direction”. Maybe you are dissatisfied with your current job and desperately want to find a different one. This type of search requires strategic thinking: moving beyond an updated resume and posting to job boards. You don’t want just any job, but the right job – and in the least amount of time.

In any of these scenarios, getting some expert advice can take you to the next level! Just like a qualified mechanic improves your car, a Career Manager/Job Strategist can give the proper advice and techniques to advance your career goals.

Career advice from Brenda Cunningham, Push Career Management

Our guest, Brenda Cunningham, CEO of Push Career Management is just the type of Certified Job Strategist, Professional Resume Writer, and Career Manager to give us quality guidance. Listen in for ways to truly take command of your career!

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