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Imagine Yourself Recharged: The Rewards of Relaxation are Real

relaxing chairs by the water

Imagine your life infused with a healthy dose of RELAXATION!

Imagine your mind and body with your battery fully RECHARGED!

Imagine your world with a strong, REJUVENATED you in it!

We at Imagine Yourself, hereby grant you permission to take time out of your busy schedule and grab hold of a few precious moments to unwind, decompress, and RELAX. We promise that the world won’t stop spinning if you take a little break. In fact, taking a step back from it all can offer insight and new perspectives on how to be more productive, efficient, and creative. That way, you can be your best, most effective self, and you can work smarter, not harder.

Here’s a quick analogy. Just like you wouldn’t want to sleep on a hard, concrete floor, you don’t want to maintain a hard, rigid schedule. Let’s cushion your body with a soft bed to sleep on, and let’s cushion your schedule with some well-deserved downtime. Keep in mind, we’re not asking you to take a vacation to Fiji every weekend, but we are asking you to build in practical relaxation periods. It can be something as simple as a hot bubble bath lit with scented candles, chilling out on the back porch with a pitcher of cold lemonade, or even a good old-fashioned Sunday drive with the windows down. There are tons of great ways to relieve stress!

Remember: Life is a gift. Time is a way to dole out that gift in increments. Treasuring the little golden moments can be the difference between a stress-filled life and a peace-filled life.

Lay back, prop your feet up, and grab some “me” time as you listen in on this episode that promotes Relaxation and Rejuvenation.

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