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Imagine Yourself Pushing Past Perfectionism

The other day, I woke up, walked down the hall, uncovered my Magic Mirror, and said,

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall….Show me all the ways that I’m Perfect, Show them one and all!”

At first, absolutely NOTHING showing up on the mirror. But, then, finally, an image appeared in huge letters…..I-M-P-E-R-F-E-C-T. My Magic Mirror loudly exclaimed, “That’s the only perfect part of you—that you and all your fellow humans are Perfectly Imperfect!”

I’ve struggled with perfectionism for much of my life. And I’m over it! Are you? Do you want to waste precious moments criticizing or analyzing your every move? Are you willing to spend your life waiting for everything to be perfect or do you want to enjoy the spontaneity and spice of life as is? Do we need to let opportunities pass us by because we’re not perfect for it yet? FYI: there are millions of people taking on jobs, having kids, getting married, running businesses and they have No. Idea. What. They. Are. Doing!!! But, they’re willing to allow their imperfect selves to learn. We’re all for learning more and getting better.

So let’s shift our focus from being perfect to just taking small steps towards being better.

How about our expectations of others….are you willing to buy into a belief that differences can add variety and flavor to this world? And that we’re all wired differently (for a good reason)? Just think about it. Some of the biggest, imperfect “mistakes” in this world ended up being some of the greatest inventions. And some of the most imperfect people in our history have made some of the greatest advances in science, religion, education and the arts. Maybe we all need to realize that life would be no fun if everybody was perfect!

Push PLAY to listen to the podcast as we Push Past Perfection and admit to our own struggles with it.

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