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Imagine Yourself Improvising – Adding Spontaneity to Your Life

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Wanna spice up your life? Your relationships? Your meals? Just call 1-800-SPICE-LIFE and get your Free Trial of Spontaneously You! You’ll learn the techniques of carefree living by day and impulse living by night! Your friends will barely recognize the new, spontaneous you.

No more planning and prodding and worrying—just do it—spontaneously!

What if there was really a product out there that could do that? Would you be brave enough to try it? Not everyone needs a dose of “Spontaneously You” in a bottle, but there’s a time and a place for everything, and every once in a while, we need to jump into the Sea of Spontaneity and just let loose! We all have responsibilities, but if our lives become too restrictive, too structured, and too tightly planned, we can begin to resent the monotony and feel trapped by life. Life was meant to be Lived. So, switch up the stagnant pattern of: Wake up, Shower, Eat, Go to work, Cook Dinner, Go to Sleep, Repeat.

Don’t pay $99.99 either. Simply set aside a few days or a few hours to just let life happen naturally, freely, unforced. Be willing to do something or go somewhere you wouldn’t ordinarily do or go. Open your mind and heart to trying new things, new styles, new foods, new activities, new people, new places, new fun spots, etc. Try living a day that looks vastly different from every other day. You might like it!

Now, we challenge you to spontaneously CLICK Play and be inspired by interesting ways you can add spice to your life!

Listen to podcast on adding spontaneity to your life. Imagine Yourself Podcast on Apple Podcasts

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