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Are You on the Right Path?

If you’re not satisfied with where you are in life right now, instead of wondering how you got there, remember that it is largely the choices you make moving forward that will affect your future. These can be major decisions that send you on a certain trajectory or small daily choices that sometimes have a big impact on your life or well-being. Are you following God’s plan for the best outcomes? Is that something you can even know for sure?

In this episode we dig into those questions. We were inspired by the guests on our last episode: “How to Find Faith in the Small Things (w/Tecia Janes & Andra Pape of Choosing Him Ministries)”. They reminded us that we all have unique gifts and talents that

God gives us. But, it's not only those gifts that we can use to bless others, it's our personal stories that can have an enormous impact.

Click play and let’s examine how to understand and use what God has given you, how to follow His lead to be sure you’re on the right path… and ultimately how to be aware of your unique purpose and God’s will for your life.


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