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6 Ways to Boost Your Love Life

Human beings are obsessed with love. The number of songs, movies, books you can find about it seem infinite! Of course, there are many types of love, but the one we’re focusing on in this episode is the romantic kind. A few weeks back, we featured an episode with Relationship Coach Renee Suzanne called “Finding Love at Any Age.” The episode was so popular the advice she gave was so incredible, we wanted to see if we (as married women) could apply it to long term relationships and marriage.

What we come out with is six tips that can be helpful for those who are those still looking for that special someone and committed couples who want to improve their relationship. We include tips on how to talk to your partner, trying to believe the best, growing and adapting together, recharging and re-capturing the spark, limiting expectations while not reading into things and knowing your limits on how much you can change your significant other.

Here's to finding and keeping true love...and to enjoying each other for a lifetime! Click play for some love-boosting tips!




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