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5 Steps to Stop Overthinking

Overthink: verb: to spend more time thinking about something than is necessary or productive. This little word can activate everything from little annoyances to major mental roadblocks. It comes in many forms: constantly worrying about the future, “analysis paralysis” that stifles decision-making, over-analyzing past mistakes, and second guessing ourselves in social situations and relationships. Those are just a few of the ways we tend to overthink.

In this episode, we’ll detail the major ways many psychologists categorize overthinking. There’s a good chance you’ll recognize yourself in one or more. Then, we’ll follow up with five steps to slow down or stop the overthinking cycle. Along with tips from pros, we’ll recount some successes and failures we’ve had along the way. Some of these situations include Sandy’s recovery from “catastrophizing” (otherwise known as drama) and Lanée learning to cope with embarrassing situations (and we DO mean embarrassing).

Join us as we imagine a life free from the burdens of overthinking and discover how to find inner peace and embrace the unexpected. We’ll talk about tapping into our faith and how trusting God and His timing can have a huge effect on our clarity and comfort level. Plus, we focus on silencing that ever-present inner critic. So grab some coffee or tea, click play, and let's navigate the path to a more balanced and positive mindset together.






quote: instead of overthinking, try over-praying


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