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Why “Loving Your Neighbor” is a Win-Win

Sometimes it feels like there is a never-ending cycle of tragedy, disaster and divisiveness in the world. Now more than ever kindness, compassion and empathy are needed. Instead, it seems like conflict, name-calling and resentment are the norm. Is there even hope for the centuries-old saying “Love Thy Neighbor”? For people of faith, of course, it’s not just a saying or an ideal, but something we are instructed to do. And yet, many say that it’s never seemed more difficult.

So, who exactly are our “neighbors”? Is it just those in close proximity or does that mean everybody everywhere? Also, do we actually have to love them or is it okay to simply tolerate them? We decided to revisit one of our very first episodes to explore what it really means to love our neighbors and why it ultimately benefits us as well.





Love Thy Neighbor Scripture


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